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Different careers you can pursue in the aviation industry

Aviation Industry

The industry of aviation has always excited curious young minds. The idea of flying huge metal containers filled with people metres above the ground is fascinating and a bit terrifying. Travelling by air has now become widely accepted as a popular mode of travel. It is usually not cheap but the number of hours it takes to cover massive distances is minimal and makes it a viable and efficient option for travelling long distances. If you want to be a part of this exciting world of air travel, there are several careers you can pursue. Of course, the two professions that come to mind are airline pilots and cabin crew, but there are numerous other exciting career choices in the aviation industry. Airlines and airports are in need of many employees, and you will be sure to find a position you will excel in.

Aircraft mechanics

As a mechanic working for an airline company, you will be tasked with maintenance, diagnose and repair of various parts of the aircraft. You will indirectly be responsible for the safety of the passengers and the efficiency of the flights. If you pursued an engineering degree and would like to put your mechanical skills to good use, consider a career as an aircraft mechanic.

Air Traffic Controller

As an air traffic controller, you would be responsible for giving out landing and take-off instructions while also overseeing the movement of various aircraft. The air traffic control has the crucial role of communicating with the pilots and the crew if a dire situation arises.

Air Traffic Controller

Aeronautical Engineer

Aeronautical engineers are involved with designing and developing new aircraft. They study the weaknesses of existing models and devise strategies to eliminate the issues and optimise future flights. The need for aeronautical engineers in the aviation industry is growing since more, and more skilled professionals are required in the manufacturing in better aircraft.

Ground Staff

If you want to be in the airline industry but do not want to be continually travelling inan aircraft, you could choose a career as a ground staff. The ground staff are involved with helping the passengers before the flight. They are responsible for all kinds of tasks, including checking the passengers, assisting the ones in need, helping with the luggage, monitoring the weather and changing the flight plan accordingly, etc. As a ground staff, you will need a specific set of skills to be used while managing and interacting with the customers.

Summing Up

There are numerous options for someone looking for a career in the aviation industry. They could be involved in manufacturing aircraft or checking in the passengers. Choose your career wisely according to your capabilities and desires.

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