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Latest technological innovations revolutionising the aviation sector


When aeroplanes were first invented, they took the world by storm and positively transformed the way we travel. Distances that required months to cover by sea or road only take a few hours of travel on an aircraft. People now have a great option available in case they have to get somewhere immediately or visit their family living in a completely different continent. Air travel is extremely efficient, and the expense seems worth it considering the minimal hours it takes. They are, of course, affected by severe weather conditions like any other modes of travel and have become the mode preferred by many around the world. Even though aircraft still seem like a wonderful miracle by science, the aviation sector is being transformed by new technologies even today.

Blockchain technology

Most people know blockchain as the technology that operates behind cryptocurrencies. But there are numerous applications of this wonderful technology besides enabling virtual coins. Airlines have realised how efficient it would be to use blockchain while storing customer data in a large database which can be accessed by those with the right credentials.


Biometric services help make the check-in process more seamless and less time-consuming for the passengers. It will also free up more employees who can be tasked with other necessary responsibilities. These biometric services can be used during check-in or baggage drop at an airport.

Internet of Things

The objects all around us are now always connected to the internet, and airlines have discovered how effective it could be on an aircraft. When every part of an aeroplane is connected to a network, mechanics and other technicians will be continuously supplied with data regarding the functioning and efficiency of every single piece. The crew can immediately learn about errors and faults, and they can quickly get started on repairs and maintenance.

Artificial Intelligence

AIs have become crucial for every type of industry today, and their applications are only growing as time passes. Airlines have also recognised the need for AI in identifying patterns, trends and behaviours among their customers. These insights will help them create offers and services tailormade for each individual customer. Such precise planning will help improve their customer relationships and loyalty.

AIs are also being used to provide necessary help and assistance to customers in need.

Augmented Reality

There are numerous applications of augmented reality in today’s world, and the aviation sector has also noticed it. Airports have started to use AR to help their customers better navigate through layouts built like elaborate mazes and reach the necessary checkpoints and gates quickly.

Augmented Reality

Summing up

The aviation industry is slowly making use of all the latest technologies available in the world today. These can be used in numerous ways to make flights more efficient while reducing risks and also improving customer satisfaction.

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