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How to become an airline pilot

airline pilot

The world of aviation has always been exciting and a bit intimidating. As a child, you must have imagined growing up and flying an aircraft through the clouds. A pilot is responsible for the safe travel of his passengers and bringing them to their destinations in the small amount of time taken during air travel. It is an excellent career opportunity, especially for those who love exploring new countries and regions, as an airline pilot will continuously be travelling. Let us see the processes involved in becoming an airline pilot.

Find the right school.

You can either opt for a civilian flight school or choose the military to learn how to pilot an aircraft. They would usually expect you to have a bachelor’s degree in any field of your choice. If you choose an aviation college, you can learn how to fly while earning a standard degree. An aviation academy helps you learn aircraft piloting in a short period such as one or two years. You will also have the opportunity to be employed by an airline company right after course completion, but aviation academies tend to be rather expensive.

Airline companies do think highly of pilots with military experience, but learning to fly while in the military takes a number of years, and there is a chance of you being deployed. It also comes with the hardships of being in the military, including intense physical and mental training.

right school.

Earn certificates

There are different kinds of certificates you can ear as an aircraft pilot.

The private pilot certificate enables you to operate single-engine aircraft and proceed for more training.

To earn a commercial pilot license, one must already hold a private pilot license and pass both the commercial pilot knowledge and practical tests. You must also have completed a required number of flight hours before you can be eligible for a commercial pilot license. The other requirements include health certificates and meeting specific medical standards.

If you want to fly much larger aircrafts carrying passengers, you will have to earn multi-engine privileges and add them to your commercial license.

Gaining Experience

Airline companies will not employ you as the captain when you first join the firm. You will most likely work as the first officer for a few years before you gain seniority and get promoted as the captain. You can earn more seniority when you fly the aircraft at night or during the weekends. As a captain, you will be tasked with working in severe conditions and making crucial decisions that can affect numerous people.

Summing Up

The time it takes to become an airline pilot varies greatly depending on the route you choose. If you have a great desire to pilot a passenger aircraft, consider your options and work hard towards achieving your dream.


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