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Travelling safely by air during the pandemic


When the pandemic began, and countries shut down international travel, millions of people were stuck in strange lands with no way of getting home. Air travel was slowly used to bring back these people to their native countries, but there was always the fear of the virus spreading among the passengers. Things have gotten a bit normal, but air travel and other forms of public transport continue to be risky. Most people do not have an option but to travel by air for work, education or to be with their families. People have also resumed travelling for fun as many countries have opened up their tourist spots and are eagerly welcoming foreign travellers. There are several vital details you must keep in mind and follow before and during your air travel.

Check the security protocols set in place by your destination country.

A few countries around the world have imposed absolutely no restrictions on their visitors and tourists. But many are more concerned with the health and safety of their citizens. While the requirements vary according to each country, most of them expect you to have with you a negative certificate for a Covid-19 test conducted at least a couple of days before the flight. If you do not have a negative certificate, some countries will quarantine you for a couple of weeks. To avoid all that hassle, do make sure that you get yourself tested before the flight.

Keep yourself protected

Keep yourself protected

Always remember to wear your mask at the airport, in the flight and whichever public space you go to. Maintain social distancing and stay six feet away from the other passengers before and after the flight. Do not create or join crowds and remember to prioritise your health over everything else. Always carry a sanitiser with the required alcohol content and remember to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and use the sanitiser as often as possible.

If someone near you shows any symptoms, which might even be caused by a common cold, move away. Prevent yourself from touching your nose, mouth eyes, and the outside of the mask. Do not pull down your mask when you need to talk to someone or eat something. If you need to free your mouth, remove your mask altogether since pulling it down to your neck will collect the microorganisms from the uncovered part of your body and bring them to your mouth and nose.

In Conclusion

Travelling using your own private vehicle is the most ideal option today, but it is not viable for long-distance travel. If you are in a situation where air travel is unavoidable, remember to take all the necessary precautions, read the guidelines of the country and keep yourself safe.

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