The basic concept for the f-15 eagle was developed in the 60s. The difficulties faced by military forces during the Vietnam war called for a superior air force. The first F15 was designed as a war machine that could face any possible challenge during an air combat. It had broad wings,additional lift from the wide fuselage’s upper surface and very powerful thrust turbofan engines. It was the first time when an aircraft exceeded a 1:1 thrust to weight ratio. Since the first flight in 1972, numerous improvements have been made in order to turn the eagle into an ultimate air combat machine.

F-15 Eagle F-15 Eagle Pictures

The main reason that puts the f-15 eagle above similar combat air fighters is its amazing maneuverability. This specific characteristic combined with a powerful acceleration and effective range weapons make it a fearless opponent during an air combat. The high thrust-to-weight ratio and the low wind loading are the main contributors to precise maneuvers and high acceleration. Presently, there is no similar tactical fighter that can overpower it in terms of performance.

F-15 Eagle F-15 Eagle Pictures

The eagle has a superior multi-mission avionics system. This includes an advance radar, inertial navigation system, head-up display, ultrahigh frequency communication, tactical navigation system, instrument landing system, numerous flight instruments,tactical electronic-warfare system, friend or enemy identifier, electronic countermeasures as well as a central digital computer. The technologies imbedded in this air fighter allow it to detect, track and attack any enemy aircraft whether it is in a friendly airspace or an enemy one.

F-15 Eagle F-15 Eagle Pictures

An enemy aircraft’s information can easily be acquired by the f-15 eagle. The information is projected on the head-up display therefore the pilot will not get distracted by looking down at the cockpit instruments. The complex radar system allows the eagle to detect an enemy-controlled aircraft from a great distance. The selected enemy is acquired by the radar system who sends weapon information to the central computer. Potential threats are recognized by the welfare system that proceeds to perform automatic countermeasures.

This dangerous tactical fighter is equipped with an internally mounted M-61A1 20mm ,six barrel cannon which is loaded with 940 rounds of ammunition. Furthermore the eagle is also packed with 8 air-to-air missiles including four AIM-9L/M Sidewinter and four AIM-7F/M Sparrow. These can be replaced with eight external AIM-120 AMRAAM. There are 11 hardpoints. Two of them are located under each wing, four under the fuselage and one center line pylon station as well as optional fuselage pylons.

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