One powerful aircraft is the C-130 Hercules which can carry just about anything from helicopters to military personnel. It was specially made for cargo because the plane can fly with over 42.000 pounds on board and can also deliver special gear like the military one in the most inappropriate environments. All in all it is not a place that transports passengers from one destination to another it is an aircraft mainly used in military.

C-130 Hercules C-130 Hercules Picture

Because the plane was designed to be flexible it can be used in many different ways, for many different purposes. The C-130 Hercules suffered a lot of change and one of them was the military equipment added which can be very easy to remove making the delivery of cargo much more easy than before. Aside from this the aircraft has the possibility to adapt to different types of cargo such as: floor loaded material, platform for air drop, a container delivery system bundles, evacuation for vehicles and personnel and palletized equipment.

C-130 Hercules C-130 Hercules Picture

The last model added to the C-130 is the C-130J, an aircraft which will be replacing the old C-130E. The new C-130 Hercules is equipped with the latest technology which means that the manpower necessary is considerably reduced, the costs for operating and supporting the plane are generously reduced  also are equipped with the latest technology. . The major difference between the new C-130 Hercules and the others from the same family is the fact that they can climb faster and higher than before and they can take off and land on shorter distances.

C-130 Hercules C-130 Hercules Picture

The C-130J/J-30 has some great improvements as far as the system is concerned and here are some of the changes brought:

  • advanced two pilot flight station with integrated digital avionics
  • displays that have color multifunctional liquid crystal
  • head up displays
  • an amazing navigation system with dual inertial navigation system
  • a fully integrated defensive system
  • low-power color radar
  • improved fuel, environmental and ice protection systems
  • enhanced cargo handling system
  • low power color radar

Since the Air Force was launched four decades have past but the C-130 Hercules is still in production which proves to us that this model was and is an amazing invention which continues to be of help to the military. The aircraft has suffered some modification over the years only to keep the step with the new technology and demands that have appeared in this modern world which is constantly changing.

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