One of Boeing’s biggest planes is the Boeing 747 which has raised a lot of concerns regarding the difficulty of flying one of these planes. Since it was launched it was the dream of every pilot to have the chance to fly a Boeing 747. This classic plane has proven to be very adaptable because Boeing has managed to customize and adapt it over the years according to the demands and needs of the costumers.

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The first role of the Boeing 747 was a military role, it was used in the National Emergency Airborne Command Post. The position it had was Air Force One but very soon its role changed and it was used as a for an anti ballistic missile laser system also known as ABL. During that period about 1.200 Boeing 747 aircraft’s were built but many more were built since then.

The design of the plane has since then suffered some modifications such as the capacity of the plane. Since its first launch the plane was upgraded in such a way that it could transport 524 passengers as far as 8.400 miles. Because the aircraft has a fuel efficiency system it has very low costs per seat, a thing which makes it the lowest operation system on a commercial jet. Over the year the price if the jet has risen from 18 million $ per plane to 200 million $ per plane today.

Boeing 747 Boeing 747 Picture

The only way through which the company can get money for this plane is to make them reliable for up to 16 passengers and for an extended period of time in the air. Of course the aircraft is capable of all of these.

As you can see this plane is not affordable to anyone but for those who can purchase one it is an experience. As always Boeing produces one of the best planes on the market. When you think of a Boeing you immediately start to think of safeness, comfort, high technology and quality, these are the planes which make it what it is today.

Boeing 747 Boeing 747 Picture

Now we are going to present to you the specifications of the Boeing 747:

Wingspan: 211 ft. 4 in.

Length: 231 ft. 10 in.

Height: 63 ft. 8 in.

Empty Weight: 403,500 lbs

Gross Weight: 875,000 lbs

Top Speed: 628 mph

Service Ceiling: 45,000 ft.

Range: 8,380 miles

Engine/Thrust: Four General Electric CF6-80s/44,700 lbs each

Crew: 2 pilots, as many as 20 or more flight attendants

Passengers: 568

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