The first model of the Boeing 707 flew in the winter of 1957. What made the plane special back then was the fact that it could take off with the passengers seats fully loaded even though the fuel tank was not full.

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The Boeing Company wanted to regain its position on the market after the Second World War so it took the best engineers and business men and started working. It started with the launch of the Boeing 367-80 which they made very famous, the aircraft is also known now under the name of “Dash-80”. The plane first flew in 1954 and since then the company has upgraded it and improved it in order to keep up with the technology.

The biggest achievement the Boeing Company has ever had was winning the contract for manufacturing 800 KC-135 tankers. We say that is was a big achievement because with the money that company made it achieved to pay out its debts and start building new aircraft.  The other airline companies were very pleased with the Boeing’s 367-80 but the big orders started to pour at the Boeing 707 model because it had a capacity of 143 passengers and great speed, its top speed was 600 miles per hour.

Boeing 707 Boeing 707 Picture

The Boeing 707 continues to develop and change since them mainly because airlines wanted it and because it was in direct competition with Douglas DC-8 airliner. The company tried to make an up to date aircraft every time new technology was introduced on the market.

One thing that the Boeing Company managed to do with the Boeing 707 was introduce people to international traveling at low costs. It transported millions of people, ordinary people, from one place to another at very low costs. It gave the USA the lead in the aircraft industry.

Today it is still used for the same reasons: because it is efficient, you can travel at low costs and you benefit from the latest technology. Over the year the Boeing 707has suffered a lot of modifications according to the demands of the airline companies or the technology of that time. What has not changed is the quality of the flight, it is always the best.

Boeing 707 Boeing 707 Picture

Now we are going to present to you the main specifications of the model:

Wingspan: 145 ft. 9 in.

Length: 152 ft. 11 in.

Height: 42 ft. 5 in.

Empty Weight: 146,000 lbs

Gross Weight: 333,600 lbs

Top Speed: 627 mph

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