The f-15 eagle has a high thrust-to-weight ratio and low wind loading. These qualities define the superior maneuverability and contribute to the high acceleration. Furthermore the fearless tactical fighter is equipped with the latest technologies that prepare it for any type of air combat.

The MiG-27 was named “Flogger” by NATO, an easier to understand name with the first letter indicating the type: ground attack aircraft. The Mach 1.7 speed model was an upgraded version of the MiG-23, although not ass successful.

One of the most popular passenger jet models, the Airbus A320 is the world’s fastest selling airliner and the first one equipped with fly-by-wire technology. The family has four members, A320, A321, A319, A318 and the innovative A320neo or New Engine Option.

Nowadays, keeping an eye on some of the most dangerous fighter aircrafts is a must for predicting the unexpected. There’s no wonder why, since we can clearly see these days more and more things flying over our heads. Let’s see what F-22 raptor is all about and how it may be stopped!

One of Boeing’s biggest planes is the Boeing 747 which has raised a lot of concerns regarding the difficulty of flying one of these planes. Since it was launched it was the dream of every pilot to have the chance to fly a Boeing 747. This classic plane has proven to be very adaptable because […]

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If you do not know who is the Curtiss P-40 Warhawk we are here to tell you that it was one of the most wanted aircrafts during the Second World War. Even though the aircraft did not provide excellent power the United States of America liked it because it was produced on a large scale […]

One powerful aircraft is the C-130 Hercules which can carry just about anything from helicopters to military personnel. It was specially made for cargo because the plane can fly with over 42.000 pounds on board and can also deliver special gear like the military one in the most inappropriate environments. All in all it is […]

The newest project Boeing has is the Boeing 787 Dreamliner which is still in the development process. When the model will be done it will be the most fuel efficient plane in the world. The name of the model ´Dreamliner´ was chosen in the summer of 2003 when the company organized a ‘Name Your Plane’ […]

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The first model of the Boeing 707 flew in the winter of 1957. What made the plane special back then was the fact that it could take off with the passengers seats fully loaded even though the fuel tank was not full. The Boeing Company wanted to regain its position on the market after the […]

If you did not know by now the A330-200 is the shorter version of the Airbus’ A330 engine and it was designed in such a way that it can cover all types of ranges from shirt to long hauls. The fuselage which is cross section is about 222 inches which proves that it is part […]